Uses of degree symbol on a Powerpoint slide and Word

How to type Degree Symbol in MS Word, Unicode, and HTML

How to write a degree on the keyboard?

Sometimes, when editing, it becomes necessary to raise a number to a power or put another word combination on top of one that complements its meaning. This may also be required when placing trade marks in the text. At first glance, nothing complicated. Surely, many people know how to use the formula editor to make a degree in  Word or a place on the toolbar where you should look for the necessary button. But there are other equally universal ways to solve the problem of “raise to the power in Word”.

How to raise an inscription to a power in Word?

If you need to raise a number to a power, then it is best to use Excel and this article. The most adequate option is to click the “X2” button on the “Home” tab. To do this, select the desired part of the text and raise it to a power by clicking on this button. Thus, the selected combination of letters or numbers will appear on top of the main text in a reduced version. The photo clearly shows the result of this procedure:

In addition to exponentiation in Word, you can perform other operations with text: strike out with a line, make it superscript or subscript, and much more. On the “Home” tab in the “Font” section, you need to click on the arrow in the lower corner (in 2010 and 2013 offices) or simultaneously hold down Ctrl+ D on the keyboard . You can also select text, right-click and select “Font” from the drop-down menu.

We are thrown into the full-fledged font settings window. There is a large list of tools: style, size, style (bold, italic), color, underline options. To raise it to an exponent, check the item in the Modify section called Superscript. In addition, the text can be subscript, crossed out, translated into writing and hidden from view. In the preview window, you can see how the quote will look in the future after activating the functions, as shown in the picture:

You must agree with the changes and click OK. By the way, on the “Advanced” tab in the font settings window, you can change the spacing between letters.

How to type Degree Symbol in MS Word, Unicode, and HTML

How to add a degree sign or other special character?

Well-known keyboard shortcuts can be used to write special characters. For example,  you won’t be able to enter a degree in  Word by pressing a certain button, since it simply isn’t there. There are many such variants of the text in which the use of the degree sign is required. And in order not to waste time looking for the right symbols on the Internet, there are several ways to help solve the problem.

The first shortcut is pretty tricky. You need to simultaneously hold down  Shift+ Ctrl +2 (on the numeric block over the letters), one second after the buttons have been released, you need to activate the “Space” key. This variation has become available in the latest Office versions from Microsoft . On  Word  2007, you will need other options.

Each character has its own ASCIIcode  that can be entered using the Alt key  . Hold it down on the keyboard when  NumLock is on  and enter the combination on the numeric keypad: 0176 or 248. This method can be used for any text editor.

When writing technical documents, you need to enter the degree quite often. Therefore, it will be convenient to use the autocorrect parameters, with which you can correct the behavior of the program so that it automatically changes the specified sequence to the degree sign.

In the “Insert” tab there is a “Symbol” button. In the drop-down menu, you need to click on “Other symbols” and select a sign from the list that appears.

At the bottom of the window there is an AutoCorrect button. It is necessary to set up the functions for a certain combination of characters, when writing which the letters will be automatically replaced with the degree sign. For example, you can use this combination: <o> (letter in the middle of inequality signs)

Click OK to confirm autocorrect.

You can also use the Unicodetable to enter a specific character. In this system, each character is assigned a hexadecimal number. There is a combination to convert a value:


Alt+ X

You  do not need to put any characters in front of the Unicode numeric value  , otherwise the conversion will not work.


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